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I have the opportunity to work with experienced and talented people, across many industries in a working environment that emphasizes collaboration. Cardno ENTRIX has given me the opportunity to leverage what I had learned in school and experience and apply it to real world issues. Cardno ENTRIX allows me to work on a wide range of projects and enjoy a diversified experience.

- Lauren Shapiro Federsel

Senior Project Consultant/Senior Geospatial Manager

Permitting & Compliance

Cardno ENTRIX provides regulatory analysis and compliance services for a wide variety of development projects for both private and public sector clients.  Our environmental permitting and compliance practice aggressively tackles a vast array of environmental, socio-economic, and regulatory challenges to ensure that regulatory constraints are fully understood and that projects can be completed in a timely manner. 

Our regulatory specialists provide support to clients across the United States and internationally, particularly on controversial energy and resource development projects, to address potential impacts to water resources, wetlands, land uses, threatened and endangered species, cultural resources, and indigenous populations.  Our experience includes the preparation of appropriate documentation to address the requirements of permits, licenses, and certifications under a variety of federal, state, and international energy, resource management, and funding protocols.

Our regulatory compliance work is conducted with strategic consideration, technical excellence, and senior management review—with a full understanding of the likelihood that it will be subjected to intense scrutiny by regulatory agencies, non-governmental special interest organizations, other stakeholders, and the public.  Our strong commitment to science-based analysis, engineering excellence, and defensible environmental documentation is a hallmark of Cardno ENTRIX.