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I have the opportunity to work with experienced and talented people, across many industries in a working environment that emphasizes collaboration. Cardno ENTRIX has given me the opportunity to leverage what I had learned in school and experience and apply it to real world issues. Cardno ENTRIX allows me to work on a wide range of projects and enjoy a diversified experience.

- Lauren Shapiro Federsel

Senior Project Consultant/Senior Geospatial Manager

CERCLA/NRDA Strategic Management

Cardno ENTRIX is highly experienced in providing strategic support to Potentially Responsible Parties (PRPs), coordinating with natural resource trustees, and working closely with other federal, state and local government organizations and agencies.

Cardno ENTRIX is well-recognized for our natural resource damage assessment (NRDA) work and has accumulated extensive CERCLA, OPA and other related NRDA experience over the years.  Our staff has participated in NRDAs at some 45 sites across the country. Cardno ENTRIX services complement and augment those of our clients and partners—providing greater opportunities for sustainable remediation, cost-effective resource restoration, brownfield redevelopment, productive land reuse, and the harvesting of ecosystem services and values.  From initial NRD assessment, to regulatory process management, to project implementation and monitoring, we provide economical and innovative solutions for environmental remediation, restoration, and re-use.

Cardno ENTRIX employs all the requisite resources associated with CERCLA and NRDA-related initiatives—including toxicologists, chemists, ecologists, regulatory experts, economists, restoration engineers and litigation support consultants. Cardno ENTRIX works with Trustees on cooperative NRDAs; and supports attorneys with experts, data and interpretations necessary for litigation.  Throughout either the cooperative NRDA or the litigation process, our consultants are experienced in the technical skills needed to bring difficult NRD cases to settlement.

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