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I have the opportunity to work with experienced and talented people, across many industries in a working environment that emphasizes collaboration. Cardno ENTRIX has given me the opportunity to leverage what I had learned in school and experience and apply it to real world issues. Cardno ENTRIX allows me to work on a wide range of projects and enjoy a diversified experience.

- Lauren Shapiro Federsel

Senior Project Consultant/Senior Geospatial Manager

Environmental and Natural Resources
Liability Management

Our Environmental and Natural Resources Liability Management practice is comprised of scientists, engineers, and economists, along with a highly experienced litigation support team. This multidisciplinary group has deep experience assisting clients address current and emerging liabilities including the regulatory, business and social drivers that can affect corporate environmental governance and financial reporting.

In terms of traditional site-based liability, Cardno ENTRIX employs all the requisite resources necessary for response to CERCLA and NRDA-related initiatives. Regarding emerging issues, our Global Product Stewardship team is assisting companies comply with complex global chemical regulations like REACh, as just one example.

Cardno ENTRIX also has a team of economists in-house. By evaluating liability, uncertainty and assets which often do not have an obvious market price, Cardno ENTRIX enables clients to consider the effects and tradeoffs among different natural resource strategies and environmental regulations. And, should an issue ever be headed toward litigation, we employ a deep bench of talent experienced in civil and administrative litigation matters relating to natural resources and the environment. This holistic approach has helped many clients realize substantial benefits and cost savings—improving balance sheets, stakeholder relations and the sustainability of their businesses.