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I have the opportunity to work with experienced and talented people, across many industries in a working environment that emphasizes collaboration. Cardno ENTRIX has given me the opportunity to leverage what I had learned in school and experience and apply it to real world issues. Cardno ENTRIX allows me to work on a wide range of projects and enjoy a diversified experience.

- Lauren Shapiro Federsel

Senior Project Consultant/Senior Geospatial Manager

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About Cardno ENTRIX

Cardno ENTRIX is an environmental and natural resource management consultancy providing a broad suite of services in Water Resources Management, Natural Resources Management, Permitting & Compliance, Environmental & Natural Resource Liability Management, Economics and Decision Sciences, and Health Sciences. Clients turn to Cardno ENTRIX for help navigating complex environmental, natural resource, and business challenges because of our creative problem-solving and the successful track record of our multidisciplinary team.

Cardno ENTRIX is a subsidiary of Cardno, a global provider of physical and social infrastructure services. In addition to our core consulting capabilities we offer clients access to a broad range of civil and structural engineering, international development assistance, and other planning services around the world.

About Cardno ChemRisk

Cardno ChemRisk is an internationally recognized risk assessment consulting firm specializing in understanding the hazards posed by chemicals in foods, soil, sediment, air, water, and medical devices.

Cardno ChemRisk, as a Cardno division and operating unit of Cardno ENTRIX, helps clients characterize the health and environmental risks associated with complex exposures involving chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or radionuclides in a variety of media and environments.

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The strength of the Cardno brand extends across more than 230 offices in the Americas and 300 offices worldwide and represents an employee base of over 8,000. We invite you to explore our services further or call us at 1.800.368.7511. To learn more about Cardno, please visit